Hello and thank you for spending some time with me online.

I consider myself an artist for the people. I have chosen a life-path that centers around Earth, Humanity, and all living creatures. You may identify within your own soul. This is pronounced in my work both figuratively and in the abstract. Meaning, not only do I use naturally occurring elements such as Iron, Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, Silver, and Gold to create my earth-tone paintings, but my new work reflects a strong association to powerful famous people, both living and dead and ranges in subject matter among political, sports, fashion, art & music, and film & television.

In around 2005 I introduced MY NEW TECHNIQUE to the Art World, which I, of course, developed. Yes, actually something NEW in the world of art. I figured out a way to use these above mentioned metal pigments on CANVAS. Through an Artistic Exploration of Oxidation, I create these works. Some artists have been inspired to imitate my work, and I am flattered. Be aware that I am the Innovator, so if you are a serious collector, you should know this before making an investment in the art. I do not disclose my trade secrets of course, but it is Archival. There are times when I do include a smattering of actual paint. Typically Enamel or Oil.

It has recently come to my attention that the industry is confused as to how I execute my Imagery Work. So I must be more specific here on my site. I use DIGITAL IMAGE INFUSION (TM) or, D.I.I.(TM). It is my other innovation. I launched it around 2008/2009. Again, something NEW IN ART. I have developed a way to burn micro wax particulates into my oxidized metal canvas. Again, I do not disclose how I do this, but I can share that it is a combination of wax and UV Light. Again, to the serious collector, this is an important detail. NONE of my work is Silkscreen except for "Vogue", "Woman Takes Manhattan" and "Iron City".

Thank you for loving each other.

Peace and Love,
Gregory Kirschenbaum