To live a life filled with art, music, and academic studies...The artist's dream.

My world centers around God and People and all the Creatures on Earth and Beyond. It's funny how I can never seem to get enough of History, Politics, Philosophy, Medicine, Physics and Mathematics. I am grateful to be able to serve humanity through my art, music and my holistic medical practice. Having been a certified massage therapist for more than 25 years, I have recently achieved my New York State License (NY LMT). Since then, I created, "New York Holistics", an evolving holistic medical practice.

We are all connected through an invisible cord. Some bonds are stronger and some are unbreakable. You may identify within your own soul. This is pronounced in my work both figuratively and in the abstract. Meaning, not only do I use naturally occurring Earthly and Universal elements such as Iron, Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, Silver, and Gold to create my earth-tone paintings, but my imagery work includes powerful famous people, both living and dead and ranges in subject matter among political, sports, fashion, art & music, and film & television.

I hope you like my work. If you love something, and want to make a purchase, you may safely do so here and/or contact me directly through the CONTACT page on this site.

Be kind to each other. Adopt a Rescue animal. Remember God is greater than any one of us and all of us combined.

Gregory Kirschenbaum, LMT